P3DV5 FPS is getting lower and lower

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P3DV5 FPS is getting lower and lower

Postby cdv0007 » Mon Aug 03, 2020 6:42 pm

Do you have a feeling that the FPS of PMDG, FSLabs, and QW aircraft is very high on the ground before takeoff, which can reach 50-60, but from the beginning of takeoff, the FPS will drop sharply to 35-40, and then even lower. The FPS is good when cruising, and it is not very high when it is falling. When it gets closer to the ground, the FPS starts to drop to 25-30. When grounded, the FPS rises to about 45.
P3D has this problem since ancient times. The FPS that just entered P3D is a false performance because there are no more scenes loaded.
I did not pull all the settings to the top, I am 9900K+1080ti, I feel that the FPS of flying addon aircraft will drop, and finally the performance of V4 is reduced.
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