Scenery Complexity Setting >Sparse

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Scenery Complexity Setting >Sparse

Postby bob34 » Fri Mar 27, 2020 11:18 pm

I love add-on scenery and I buy just about anything to cover over a default airport.
But there's a few add-on sceneries, lower end like FSXScenery and VOR Mexico and others (no disrespect - I love what you guys do) that cause strange performance in my sim. I've ignored it for months, but today I set out to find the root cause.

It's not quite a stutter, it's more of a slow-down / speed-up effect. Almost like you're running and someone is pulling the back of your shirt, then letting go. My FPS isn't affected just the ground scenery goes slow and fast and slow and fast.

Through troubleshooting by turning off each setting individually, I've isolated the problem to the Scenery Complexity slider. Reducing to Very Sparse and Sparse setting cured the problem. Increasing to Normal and above, the problem returns. No other slider affected this.

I'm wondering if these less-complex sceneries use toolkits with older FSX objects that just choke the system when loaded? What type of objects would start to appear if the Scenery Complexity Slider goes to Normal and higher settings?

Anyone else encounter this - or better yet - find a solution?

System Specs: i7 8700k w/ GeForce 1080ti on SSD

Thanks... BD

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