AI Traffic sequence

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AI Traffic sequence

Postby KampfHase » Sat May 18, 2019 5:19 pm


In the latest patches and hotfixes, did you change anything in the sequence the AI traffic is injected in the sim at startup?

Normally, the aircraft on top in the traffic TXT files - which then were compiled with AIFP - are injected first, in the exact sequence they are in these files. We at AIG, Alpha India Group, who release realistic flightplans for AI traffic, always sort the files by aircraft size, so the biggest jets are on top and are injected first in the sim. This worked for years. Now, and I believe since the latest 4.5 patch, the aircraft are injected in some other sequence. I cannot really discover how, but the sequence in the files is no longer taken care off.

Any ideas, please? Thank you

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