V4.4 night environment

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V4.4 night environment

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I am sure you guys have gotten a lot of enquiry about the new night time lighting situation, so I may be beating on an already dead horse but I just thought I’d throw my situation in the hat as well. I did a night flight this evening which started when it was already pitch black outside. And the new night time darkness is super dark. It even effected my cockpit as I was stumbling around to find certain buttons, and switches. If it weren’t for just pure muscle memory of flying that aircraft 100,000 times, I’d still be parked at my departure location trying to start the aircraft. Once I started my taxi I will note that my landing lights do not illuminate the ground that well as they did in V4.3. It almost seemed as though the lights were saturated making them quite dim. It was hard to even keep on the centerline because I couldn’t tell where it was. After I took off it was pure black. And I mean black. Which.... is actually sorta more realistic. I am sure that is what y’all were aiming for because ever since the FS2004 days, simmers have been harping at more realistic night textures so I’m glad to see some progress in this area. Even the clouds were black. In V4.3 the clouds were still a faint silver, even at night which was so unrealistic but the clouds in V4.4 actually are the right color. Now that is super cool. But what has me puzzled is what happened when I sarted my descent. I had just plugged in a lower FL and after I pulled the levers back, I panned around with the hat switch just to take in the beautiful night textures and all of the sudden the textures flashed and they were suddenly lighter in color. The same type of night textures that were in V4.3. Even the clouds got lighter in color. That freaked me out. In the cockpit I could see buttons I didn’t see before and it was like the whole sim changed. So that’s where I’m confused. I can’t tell if this is a bug, or if this is an improvement. To me, it seems like an improvement that has bugs in it but that’s just my two cents. Also, thank you for V4.4, my sim is running smoother than ever!
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Re: V4.4 night environment

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We enabled scaling of the ambient light based on moon phase. You can disable the moon-phase lighting in the Prepar3D.cfg:


There is a transition point at dawn/dusk where the system starts blending between day and night shading. This is when the night-only emissive textures are enabled. This kicks in a little early/late in some cases which can cause an abrupt change in lighting. That might be what you are seeing. Thanks for the detailed report.

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