How to group and export to a BGL different objects

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How to group and export to a BGL different objects

Postby cartayna » Thu May 02, 2019 7:20 pm

Can someone tell me how in the SimDirector can I export to a BGL different objects (each comes with its own effect) to a single BGL file?
I have read the instructions on the course and i am completely hopeless. I am placing posts with its light effects, when i export the job to a bgl file with the SD it creates a BGL file with 1K, and if i go back in the sim placing that bgl, i still need to place in the scenery folder all the bgl's that i placed in the scenery. in other words, it does not compile all the objects i have added on the scenery.

I have also tried grouping them as the manual says, then exporting, but this creates a file that is not a bgl, rather a ".ogrp" (also de sxml and the bgl file with that file's name)...
What am i missing? How can i create a single BGL file with those light poles (they are named different, since they have different effects each attached)...


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