Controlling Avatar through PDK

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Controlling Avatar through PDK

Postby JeeHell » Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:15 pm


My goal here is to position a simobject, here an Avatar, and have full control on it through either simconnect or PDK.
The simobject in question is NOT the USEROBJECT, it is a remote object.

I have an avatar ready, which has some animations I want to use. After a lot of reading, it seems the only way to use the animations of the avatar programmatically is through the PDK.

I have been successful in creating and positioning an avatar object through the PDK.
However, I tried to trigger animations using the IAnimationControllerV01 interface, but the avatar stays in idle.

Am I doing something wrong? Are avatars sort of disconnected from the calls? Do I need to use the model in an airplane simobject (the GUID for the animations should be the same?).

Best regards
Jean Luc

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Re: Controlling Avatar through PDK

Postby pillack01 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:01 pm


You can control the individual animations of an avatar via the respective GUID of the animation. Maybe this even works with Simconnect. In any case, you can address the animations of the avatar in SimDirector!

Here is a list of guid's from one of my avatars ... -download/

// AvatarDefaultIdle {1B2098C6-FDE5-4039-8612-22ED1377A5BB}
// AvatarDefaultWalk {B4CA039D-8741-30F5-8E11-A517F757DE0F}
// AvatarDefaultWalkBackwards {F5CDBBD9-D388-4CBF-A0CE-2CA9131958C2}
// AvatarDefaultRun {AFDA326E-99AF-42DB-9821-006881B70B81}
// AvatarDefaultLeftTurn {61C373D7-F410-4E0D-AFCA-3443284DAF0B}
// AvatarDefaultRightTurn {D4F49321-E6FE-42AA-A22F-AD5200976A4D}
// AvatarDefaultStrafeLeft {79D21DF6-0A22-4273-BD4C-36F397824597}
// AvatarDefaultStrafeRight {A80C3834-8251-40A5-84BE-90A1C26184DB}
// AvatarDefaultJumpStanding {D685704E-82F5-4231-B2D9-960B05A807D2}
// AvatarDefaultJumpRunning {D0869AE7-4968-4A5C-B5E0-23DFAC7E4AB6}
// AvatarDefaultCrouchIdle {7A44A98A-5B47-43CE-9AF2-EC7EC0841620}
// AvatarDefaultCrouchWalking {849EDE2A-1F58-489B-9BAB-ADCD00650F61}
// AvatarDefaultCrouchLeft {B61426AE-3C85-411D-9164-307736B60B90}
// AvatarDefaultCrouchRight {8980CA2B-8444-41CD-8406-9E886F785498}
// AvatarDefaultCrouchFromStand {BDAE756D-B41F-439A-A162-2A14EB0C824E}
// AvatarDefaultCrouchToStand {54A02AAC-77C6-4E24-A3CC-428EFC0D4970}
// AvatarDefaultDeath {D9054672-B61E-453D-9716-9EBEB35BD8A3}
// AvatarDefaultSwim {CF6590EA-2CFB-494C-97B3-80241465142A}
// AvatarDefaultSwimIdle {5136A676-84AE-4D39-842C-DD3A1D8F668E}
// AvatarDefaultFalling {AD4A8AFA-12C0-42EE-BA79-686DCD8107F1}
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Re: Controlling Avatar through PDK

Postby JeeHell » Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:35 pm


I could use the PDK calls to trigger avulsions by guid.
The issue I face is it stress not work with avatars!
I tried by changing the object type to an airplane and it worked with the same guids...

Jean Luc

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