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Postby Orion » Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:36 pm

Sorry that this isn't exactly Prepar3d related, but since I haven't heard of any changes (I'm using FSX Acceleration), I thought I'd ask here.

Is there a way to set YieldToUser to false for an AI boat created using SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject? The mission system allows for this, but when creating an AI boat using SimConnect, I can't seem to work around it. Thing is, I'm trying to create an AI aircraft carrier, but once I land and go forward of the center of the carrier, the carrier slows down to a complete stop.

I've tried setting the SPEED_REQUESTED flag, but the carrier still slows down. Even when I'm aft of the center of the carrier, it doesn't seem to want to maintain exactly the speed I specify (30 knots)- it'll oscillate ±3 knots ish.

I've tried using both the FSX Acceleration SDK SimConnect library, and Beatle (Tim)'s Managed SimConnect Beta 3, but both produce the same results.

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