SimConnect library problem

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SimConnect library problem

Postby jkpcrevier » Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:36 pm


I just did a complete format of my computer; therefore a complete fresh install of P3D V4 with all the admin authorizations. Following the installation of SimConnect, I always get this error message when starting P3D, just before the startup menu appears: ''Cannot operate!Something wrong with SimConnect library \ Memory problems detected! Operations restricted.'' Then I simply press OK and the sim starts. However, every addons requiring simconnect simply don't work.

I've done research on google, did a complete reinstall without any success. Seems like I'm the only one having this issue, and I really hope you can find a solution promptly.

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Re: SimConnect library problem

Postby lawlegge » Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:31 am


Are you using FSUIPC ?
Coincidently, I just got that same error after installing the latest version of FSUIPC - v5.123a. I just went back to v5.122a until Pete gets it sorted.

This is from Pete's forum ... nstalling/
It is installing, just not being loaded by SimConnect....

BTW if you downloaded 5.123 very soon after I uploaded it you will probably need to download it again, as I uploaded a corrected version. The original had an odd SimConnect incompatibility with P3D 4.1.7. It wouldn't result in it not being run, only in it failing, with a log entry, when running.


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