SimConnect Error Installing EVERY TIME!!

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SimConnect Error Installing EVERY TIME!!

Postby willj2711 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:22 am

I recently purchased P3D V4 by accident and then V3 as intended (Nevermind that). I have attempted to install simconnect via the redist/interface tabs and all has failed in V4 and V3. This is annoying as it is costing me money and i cannot fly the aircraft i would like for example the Aerosoft Airbus. (also VPILOT is not working as no simconnect installed) I either get an error 1935 about 'microsoft flight simulator X' or a 'microsoft' ESP error. I have tried reinstalling the C++ 2013 re distributive with no joy and the same for .net files. All these online tutorials say modify the .ini, .cfg, and .xml files but i cannot find them as simconnect won't install in the first place. Does anyone know why this is happening and can help me fix it.

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