Missile (generated from SimObject Missile Sample) not go straight

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Missile (generated from SimObject Missile Sample) not go straight

Postby rtv_bwkim » Mon Nov 11, 2019 7:37 am

I'm on working about making Add-on weapon model.

My trouble is as follow :
1) When i analyse missile sample code,
I analyzed the code, It seems to be a equation of motion that assumes a flat earth.
So I thought if I fired a missile when the plane was stable, the missile would move straight.
But the missile flew not straight @ Heading 180 degrees.
If the heading was 90 degrees or 270 degrees, it moved backwards.

Given the above phenomenon,
it seems that prepar3D has to assume an oblate rotating-earth for an object and solve the equations of motion.

is it right?

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