ASM2AIR ASM file syntax

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ASM2AIR ASM file syntax

Postby RichardMaskell » Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:20 pm

I'm trying to understand the syntax of asm files. I am an experienced software developer so understand the concepts. When I look at the Prepar3d documentation it refers me to sample files that include the lines:

include ; include this in ALL .asm files!
include ; definitions of token macros
include ; definitions of token values

In the documentation it says:

Include files (such as These lines are necessary, but the include files are part of Asm2Air.exe so they are not needed as separate files.

Normally I would read these files - if they are humanly readable, to understand the full list of parameters I can define. The documentation refers to a very limited set of parameters.

Surely there is more documentation available on the syntax of .asm files?

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