SimDirector crashes loading v4.3 Scenario

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SimDirector crashes loading v4.3 Scenario

Postby apa603 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:36 pm


Following a Pc hardware problem, I've had to reinstall P3D. Being a fairly new user I was originally using either 4.2/4.3 I cant recollect which. I had saved some scenarios for a sequence of flights, but because I reinstalled using v4.4, which has removed the Beech aircraft previously available, when loading the scenario it drops into Visualisation Mode and uses the F-16 instead.

I've tried using SimDirector to load the scenario with the intent of changing the aircraft to something else e.g. Mooney Acclaim, but after giving the Visualisation mode error message, it fails to complete loading and crashes to desktop.

Should SimDirector not complete the load and allow the missing component to be changed?

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Re: SimDirector crashes loading v4.3 Scenario

Postby Clifton Crane » Mon Feb 25, 2019 9:14 pm


I am unable to reproduce the crash to desktop. Is the missing aircraft selected as the user object or is it just another AI object in the scenario? Is the scenario you are loading the default scenario, or do you load it from the Load Scenario screen? Once in SimDirector, you should be able to change the user vehicle, even if in Visualization Mode.
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