Major change to triggers in v4.4?

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Major change to triggers in v4.4?

Postby jamcd787 » Wed Jan 23, 2019 7:26 pm

We have been developing scenarios and running with v4.2 with no problems, once we understood how the triggers actually work in structured scenarios.

With v4.4 we see a major difference in the behavior of non-one-shot triggers. They seem to arm immediately after firing, regardless of whether the child objects have completed execution.

For example, if a trigger fires a dialog action or delay action, in v4.2 the trigger wouldn't fire again until all the children had completed. Now it seems to just keep firing as long as the condition is met.

My question is: When does a trigger "re-arm" if it's not one-shot? Immediately? Is it after all child objects execute? Or after just the direct child objects?

This is really critical - we facing re-writing all our mission scenarios if this behavior is intentionally changed.
Please let us know. Thanks.

PS. we are seeing a lot more random "P3D has stopped working" crashes with v4.4 than with V4.2. v4.2 seemed quite stable.

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