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Postby FSMP » Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:00 am

I am having 2 issues with Airport selection in P3d (in Multiplayer)

(1) If I select KPWM ( Portland Intl), I am reported in MP to be at KPWM (as expected)

If I select KPDX (Portland Intl), I am reported to be at KPWM (NOT as expected)

It is as if I am being reported to be at the 1st occurance of the Airport Name (That can have Duplicates, as opposed to the Unique Airport ID )

(2) If I select a stock Airport, the Server thinks I am at that airport, with that ID, and that latitude & Longitude.

If I select an ADDON airport, the server knows my Airport Name, but does not know the ID (Blank), and thinks I am at Lat 0, Long 0.

TO expand on this, a little testing.

If I MOVE a stock aiport to another Lat, Long, it reports that new latitude Longitude.

If I rename a Stock Airport, then it finds the new name, but says it is at Lat, Lng 0,0

Any idea what is going on here, and how to correct it (ie create correct Addon Airports, or rename existing Stock Airports)

Yes, FAA seems to have noithing better to do, than Rename Airports after historical figures.

ie BWI (Baltimore Washington International) is now "Baltimore Washinhton International Thurgood Marshal Airport"

What next .. Boston Logan becomes "Boston Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Airport"

That aside, there is a need to be able to Update Airport Names, and have a selected airport correctly report it's correct position and ICAO Code ...


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Postby Max Perry » Tue Jul 26, 2011 1:58 am

Is this only in multiplayer FSMP? I'm guessing you are trying to be ATC at Portland Intl? I'll look at the data when I get into work tomorrow!

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Postby FSMP » Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:17 pm


Correct .. as ATC in Multiplayer.

It does not matter which "Portland International" you select, the MP session will always show you are at the same ONE each time.

It happens for any aiport pair that have the same name. It seems to be going by the NAME, and not the ICAO code.

Will be interested in hearing your analysis ..


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