Version 2.3 effect emitter rate peculiarity

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Postby Larry_R » Sat Aug 23, 2014 7:17 pm

I wonder if anyone else has noticed this; after updating in place to V2.3, my impression was that the frequency of flashing marine lights was much increased from V 2.2, and also from FSX. I've subsequently made two rough checks with a stopwatch, one on a light that uses a standard Orbx flashing green 4 seconds effect, and one of my own, an alternating red and white flashing 5 seconds. These work as intended in FSX and have the intended periods.

The Orbx green 4 second light has the rate or period set as .25 (seconds) as you would expect. However in my version of P3D v2.3, the period is ~2 seconds, not 4. (As measured in FSX I get ~3.8 seconds.)

A very similar finding with one of my custom marine lights; with the rate set at 0.2 it gives a period of 5 seconds in FSX, but about two an a half seconds in P3D v2.3.

So far I've been unable to think of a simple explanation.

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Postby Clutch Cargo » Wed Aug 27, 2014 11:18 am

Yes, I have experienced this as well. I have adjusted a few light FX files like strobes and beacons to flash at 50% of their previous normal rate. That appears to work pretty good. Not sure if this is the new norm for P3D or if its a "bump in the road" and LM needs to patch this with the next release?

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