AG Lightpole in the way at KLAX

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AG Lightpole in the way at KLAX

Postby DVA12924 » Sat Mar 30, 2019 7:44 am

I have a freeware ADE file for KLAX which has been converted for use on P3Dv4. The file calls for the object AG Lightpole to be drawn at a few gates, but it is not placed in the file to be drawn upright, but rather laying on its side to act as more of a support beam for the jetways extender bridge. I use GSX to have better Jetways and bridges on all my airports so I don't want nor need these extensions. I used ModelConverterX to import the downloaded bgl file and removed the lightpole and the extension bridges from the model list and recompiled the new "library" to a P3Dv4 bgl file called KLAX_objects. I made a new folder in my addon scenery folder called "KLAX" with sub-folders "scenery" and "texture" and placed the KLAX_objects.bgl file into the KLAX/scenery folder and then added the objects file to ADE library object manager. Then using ADE 1.75 I opened the original bgl and made some additional edits (mostly personal preference like T lines offsets, taxiway lighting, etc.) but I also deleted the "footprint" of all jetway extension bridges (again, I use GSX for those so I don't want the objects drawn) and I also deleted the footprint for the AG Lightpole from the gates where it was placed. I recompiled that along with a new CVX file to the KLAX/scenery folder and made sure I had all the required textures for the models in the KLAX/texture folder. I launched P3D and loaded up KLAX and everything is gone I wanted gone EXCEPT the AG Lightpole which will not go away.

I saw from the original bgl file that ADE is calling this object from the autogen.bgl library which is part of the main P3D installation and I do want the lightpole used on the roads outside the airport where they should be, but not laying down between the terminal and the jetway where the original file calls for them to be drawn. I tried adding an exclusion in ADE over the site of one of the lightpoles using "exclude all" but the light pole remained. I then tried adding another ground poly using "exclude autogen" but still the light pole remains. The only way I know to remove it from the scenery is to delete it from the Autogen.bgl library in ModelConverterX and then recompile the library minus the AG Lightpole model to the Autogen.bgl file (located at Scenery/Global/Scenery) but doing this will remove that light pole in the entire sim so it will never be drawn on roads or freeways where it should be.

How do I go about removing this object from this specific location only when it is not even being called to be drawn in the first place? The item does not exist on the ADE file I have edited and compiled anywhere and I even removed AG Lightpole from the ADE library object manager. ADE did not tell me there were "black boxes" when I reopened KLAX and recompiled so ADE knows that object should not be drawn on the airport, but it is.

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