Runway Approach Lights during Daytime

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Runway Approach Lights during Daytime

Postby peterk41 » Sun Dec 23, 2018 3:25 pm

Dear Developpers
This is an old topic and missing approach lights during day time is even a "No-Go" for certifications.
It seems it is not only one byte to change this, else I'm sure you would have released it.

My question now is, if we could tweak the shaders such, that during sim-night hours, the shaders show daylight in the sim. Such the approach lihgts may ybe come on due to simulator-time and we have still "shaded" daylight.

A short change in clock gauges would adjust the time shown on the sim.

Before starting such work, may be you can give us a "In general possible, yet without warranty..." or a "Do not even think about ..."

Happy X-Mas, Best regards

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