black buildings with various freeware add-ons

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black buildings with various freeware add-ons

Postby hermes82 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:09 am

I flew into SPIM Lima Jorge Chavez international earlier and found the main terminal building has no texture at all just black, I then imported a freeware version from ... -for-spim/ which also had missing texture then downloaded another from again with missing textures, the first scenery used standard airport buildings and the second was custom buildings, after uninstalling both freeware sceneries I let p3d load the stock airport and checked again with the same result, I tried then using airport design editor to remove the building completely then saving but still have a black building there, next I used the "remove stock data" tool to remove nearby airports in case there was an earlier version that had not been removed prior to any update but that proved fruitless, there are no excludes showing in lists and adding one doesn't solve the issue, I have rex HD airports installed along with orbx global and vector but the airport doesn't show up on any orbx files, it's not an airport i'd usually use and it will probably be a while before I do again but at this stage I just need to find a fix in case I run into this issue again at another airport, i'm a bit OCD when it comes to problems like this and have been at this for 6 hours so far without any joy so any help would be appreciated

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