3rd party airplanes do not appear in sim

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Keith Lovern
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3rd party airplanes do not appear in sim

Postby Keith Lovern » Tue Nov 24, 2020 11:30 pm

I recently purchased two Carenado turbo prop passenger planes and I installed them in Prepar version 4.5.
the planes have an auto installer and the installer said the install was successful. I restarted the computer
and went to the sim start page. I clicked on vehicle and my two carenado planes were there however I
noticed that there were no airlines listed for each plane only serial numbers(Carenado B120 N9979J).
I clicked on one and went back to the start page and in the vehicle section it said No Image Available.
I then started a flight the plane was not there but I had the sounds and all the Pop Up menu's were working.
I followed all the install instructions to the letter. I have never added a third party plane to the sim and I sure
could use some help.

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