Loading real life flight data as replay

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Loading real life flight data as replay

Postby BobSui » Tue Nov 10, 2020 1:52 pm

At first a big "Hello to everyone!", as this is my first post in this forum!

Now to my question:
right now, I'm trying to load flight data gathered in a real-life plane (e.g. height, position, bank angle, pitch angle and so on).
Within vanilla FSX I was able to achieve that using a 3rd-party program (Flight Data Recorder and Python), there I could adjust the data given in a way which made it possible to load that data as a replay from within the FSX.
As Prepar3D is a more advanced product with a living support I wondered if this is possible there too?
Looking into the saved replay files I was able to see the header of the file but the rest (the actual flight data) seems to be just "gibberish" (maybe proprietary format?). Can someone tell me if it is possible to access the replay function of Prepar3D V4.x or V5.x in way that I could achieve implementing real life or manipulated flight data?
Because Prepar3D is a great product that I would like to use for that purpose, help would be much appreciated!

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