ucrtbase.dll crash. 5.1

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Re: ucrtbase.dll crash. 5.1

Postby ItzZenTy » Wed Nov 18, 2020 2:16 pm

Since I applied the SODE fix, I have not had an urctbase.dll crash. I rather doubt it's a Windows issue - I have 20H2 also.

Have you tried googling this:

urctbase.dll crash

Maybe you could post the full text from Windows Event Viewer next time you see the crash.

Sorry if I am repetitive -

I found out that I actually don't have 20H2, Windows just offered me an update to it. So I had 2004 all the time, I'll try to update it and see what will happen, probably there is some sort of issue that my windows has been outdated all the time.

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