ORBX Tile mixed day and night

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ORBX Tile mixed day and night

Postby AmirabbasDr » Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:41 am

Hi support.last day i fixed my problem with sound with support and i very thankful to prepar3d support.
last month i installed ORBX 1.41 but my scenery get wrecked.
day and night was mixed.
and now im afraid of installing orbx.i telled the orbx support but they said tell the prepar3d support.
can anyone fix that thing? because im tired of desert texture scenery without orbx!

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Re: ORBX Tile mixed day and night

Postby hermes82 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:47 am

i've had the same problem before with orbx north america openlc, try running FTX central then click on setting's at the bottom then click "force re-migration of your unified lclookup" and run it, this cleared it up for me

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