Virtual Cockpit

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Virtual Cockpit

Postby Culkster » Sat Sep 28, 2019 8:09 pm

Hi all

Relatively new to P3d but a long time FS9/FSX user and would like to pick peoples brains about the VC focal point

I know that you can make the VC focal point focus on one runway end or the other but im wondering if its possible to select a point on an airfield and use that as a focal point ie the control tower

The reason I ask is that I record multiplayer sessions on one screen from the tower view and I use my second monitor to fly from cockpit view either leading or holding formation, the limitation to that is I have to keep the tower view as my main screen to record sound properly which means I cant look around in cockpit view to get bearings of the airfield

But I've found using a runway end as a focal point not very practical if Im flying over the other end, where as focused on the tower would help me with knowing where I am positioning wise from the info on both screens :)

long winded I know but hopefully its something that is possible

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