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Level of Detail radius for Photoreal Scenery

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 5:17 am
by zamirk

I want to load multiple layers in P3D v4.3 i.e., 4 meter/pixel, 10 meter/pixel and 30 meter/pixel, and it is quiet possible that each layer has some colour variation. P3D automatically selects the source for defined level of detail radius selected by the user in Options->Graphics->World settings. I think P3D mixes from each source for rendering. When I use to fly at 5000 ft. then on Ultra Level of detail settings it shows me highest LOD of imagery but when i use to fly at 50,000 ft. it shows me highest LOD around me but visually I use to see lowest LOD, which clearly shows me colour variation. Is there any idea how to use highest LOD Image for rendering in far regions on high altitude.