PMDG 777 Scenario saving problem

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PMDG 777 Scenario saving problem

Post by henrydebeer »

I hope someone can help here. I use PMDG 777 base and extended pack. When I try and save a scenario, when I load it, the 777 comes up without any useable functions, ie you cant push pull or adjust any buttons etc (similar to first time you load the 777 and needing to load Simconnect) Any ideas?

Next problem is that when I save a scenario, Prepar3d won't load. I have to then go to the Prepar3d Files and delete the saved scenarios and then relaunch. This happens whether I launch as Admin or not. Its a serious pain.

Has anyone had any issues like this?
Mike LM

Re: PMDG 777 Scenario saving problem

Post by Mike LM »

henrydebeer -

First, make sure that SimConnect is correctly loading and that you have the correct version installed. If the issue is very similar to that caused by not having SimConnect loaded, then it's probably caused similarly.

Second, do you only have issues saving scenarios with the PMDG or is it all aircraft? There have been some issues in the past where users could not save scenarios with add-on aircraft.

- Mike