Slingshot effect in Spot View

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Slingshot effect in Spot View

Postby jjaycee » Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:27 am

Operating P3D v3.4 with Saitek X 52, Windows 10 Home, GTX 780 GPU, Intel CPU @4.6
In spot view I get the plane appearing to sling shot forward before then returning to it's original location.
I have scoured the web for this topic but no real explanation or resolution offered. Hence I thought I would try here at the developers site as i feel it is something to do with this version of P3D.
The slingshot effect is only in Spot View and after a period of time lapsing. It is not immediate, but once started will continue.
This is with a default P3D plane, a 3rd party A2A plane and a ported ( in this case C172) FSX plane. Therefore it is not due to any problem with the plane itself.
I have tried with Low graphics and LOD settings right through the range up to Ultra/Max but no change in the effect.
I have the default Camera cfg with no personalizing done or changes made. I have tried different zoom levels as well but no change.
Is anyone able to prescribe a solution to this or offer any ideas as to what is making this slingshot effect happen?

Adam Breed
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Re: Slingshot effect in Spot View

Postby Adam Breed » Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:33 pm

Hi jjaycee,

Sounds like something was possibility changed with your camera configurations.

Can you see this post for some further debugging steps?


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Re: Slingshot effect in Spot View

Postby jjaycee » Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:27 am

Thanks for looking at my post Adam. Further discussion on this topic I had in Orbx forums resulted in many people experiencing the same effect. However some response indicated that they also see this in FSX. This would therefore indicate to me that it is not just a P3D problem but something within the basic FSX engine/data/configs etc that are also used within P3D.
The resolution is to use Spot Locked which is OK but not really a resolution, more a workaround. The "floating" spot view is most preferable but unless manhours are used to try and rectify the cause of the effect I assume it will be left as is.

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