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by Paul-Henri
Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:17 am
Forum: SimConnect Interface Questions
Topic: Modification of wind layer through simConnect
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Modification of wind layer through simConnect

Hello, I want to dynamically change the Wind at different levels using simConnect by sending a METAR (using extension)through the simConnect_WeatherSetObservation API. When I call this function, a default Wind configuration already exists with 3 layers. The given METAR seems to be taken into account...
by Paul-Henri
Thu Nov 12, 2015 8:49 pm
Forum: Prepar3D Client Application Questions
Topic: Prepar3d slave and weather
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Prepar3d slave and weather

Hello, I have 2 PC running each prepar3d, one in master, one in slave. For performance reasons, using simCommect, I configure weather on the slave (visiblikty, clouds, wind....) and on the master, just Wind (unlimited visibility and no clouds). This is a historic configuration which comes from exper...

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